SVL (Solid Veneer Lumber)

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Eco-Core® SVL - Solid Veneer Lumber is a contemporary look in laminated timber. Glued from upright longitudinal veneer layers of wood using phenolic and moisture resistant PVA glues.

The Eco-Core® SVL has been rated E0 for formaldehyde emission.

The SVL is available in European Beech in standard sizes of 3050mm and 2550mm x 700mm at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80mm thick. Other sizes and thicknesses can be made, additional lead times will apply. The Eco-Core® SVL is supplied raw, sanded to grit 60. It has exposed edges running parallel with the glue laminations and should be finished with a solid timber edge strip or a laminated veneer edge strip. It is sold without edge strips, these can be purchased separately, please contact us for details. In the raw product, small holes and cracks can occur on the faces caused by open knots, cracks or similar. These holes and cracks are not classified as defects and should be puttied with timber putty prior to fine sanding. The Eco-Core® SVL may be supplied slightly oversize for you to trim or fine sand to the exact measurement. The SVL laminations run along the longer measurement. The Eco-Core® SVL also comes as a flooring material; 2500mm x 80mm x 10mm. It is applied similar to any parquetry flooring, directly glued down on a concrete base. The many laminations create a harder surface than the actual timber itself, therefore better for wear and tear. It is tread fast, resistant and stable. Whether lacquered, oiled or waxed, the Eco-Core® SVL Flooring is a product that can enhance any room with its simple style and elegance. For flooring installation recommendation please enquire directly with your nearest distributor.

The appearance of an Eco-Core SVL, SVL Faced Panel and SVL Flooring sample is indicative only. Colour, grain, and laminations can vary and are not classified as defects. Small samples do not always represent what a large surface will look like. SVL is produced using phenolic and moisture resistant PVA glues, a fully waterproof version is available on request.

The Solid Veneer Lumber can be machined with normal woodworking machinery.

The Eco-Core® SVL - Solid Veneer Lumber is a high strength, load bearing, stable material due to the many laminations. Because it is made of lengthwise glued layers of veneer and not from cross layers, the result is that each layer consistently absorbs forces and not just the second layer as in the case of ordinary plywood.

The high consistent strength and stability are mainly due to the multiple laminations, making the product ideal for long span construction. Applications include large window/door frames and long span shelving, stair treads, bench tops, table tops, joinery, furniture, wall paneling, and flooring.

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