Moso Bamboo

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable and very ecological raw material. Bamboo is not a tree but a grass which grows very fast with the stems ready to harvest within 5 years. After harvesting, the mother plant continues to develop new shoots from the root system, contrary to tropical hardwoods that take up to 100 years of growth after which it no longer contributes to the ecological system.

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Stone Veneers

Our Natural Stone-Veneer is a natural stone surface obtained from quarries around the world. These light, flexible and ultra-thin sheets of natural stone in different vibrant colours are suitable for commercial fit-outs, residential fit-outs, wall covering, ceiling panels, flooring, joinery, furniture, outdoor kitchens, external facades, and much more.

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We are known for our unique, high quality & elegant environmentally friendly and sustainable products. We also offer a wide range of products including Eco-Core® White Birch Multiply.

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From Solid Oak and White Birch to timber veneers, panelling, and flooring, we offer a variety of building materials for a wide range of applications.

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Environmentally friendly products

Eco-Core® from Global Ventures Australia is a range of environmentally friendly timber & bamboo products.

The Eco-Core brand has become known for its unique, high quality & elegant environmentally friendly timber & bamboo products for use in interior applications of high end commercial fitouts, restaurants, offices, buildings and more.

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White Birch Multiply with Clear Melamine Foil

The Eco-Core White Birch Multiply is available PRE-FINISHED WITH SMOOTH CLEAR MELAMINE FOIL. It is an E0 certified multi-layer panel pre-finished on one face or both faces depending on your requirement.

The Birch is harvested mainly from the North-East and Western part of Russia. The Eco-Core White Birch Multiply is durable, and easily workable with a wide range of applications for interior use.

Clear Melamine Foil is far superior to most polyurethanes as it is more durable, is easy to clean and suitable for applications where heavy wear is expected.

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