Moso Bamboo Forest Flooring

Although the bamboo species “MOSO” is formally not a wood but a grass, it has excellent “hardwood like” characteristics: it is very hard and durable. Combined with the high stability (little shrink and swell) it is the perfect raw material for MOSO bamboo flooring. MOSO brings the bamboo forest to your floor: instead of cutting the bamboo pole into strips and pressing them together into a floor board, now the ‘complete’ bamboo trunk is used. The wall of the trunk is flattened with a special process and it serves as the top layer of a 3ply floor board. The result is a very robust board with the natural beauty of the bamboo plant. The rings on the trunk are visible in the shape of nodes (on the full width of the board) and even the markings which have been made by the farmers can be seen in some boards. The surface of the flooring consists of the stony bark of the bamboo stem, which is so hard that no oil or lacquer finish is required. Bamboo is a natural product and can vary in colour, grain, texture and structure from sheet to sheet. A small timber sample is indicative only and does not completely represent the appearance of a larger surface of the same product.

Bamboo is an endless resource as it grows very fast (up to 1 meter per day) and as only the older stems are harvested, the younger bamboo receives more space for growth providing a higher yield. Because of its unique growing speed, combined with efficient production, MOSO bamboo actually absorbs more C02 than it releases during production and transport to the customer. All solid MOSO bamboo floors are therefore C02 neutral. MOSO floors are also a healthy choice as they are anti-static and anti-allergenic, thus facilitate a healthy indoor environment. Eco-Core® Moso Bamboo Forest Flooring conforms to an E0 Formaldehyde emission and is C02 neutral. < 0,025 mg/m3 (E0 norm)
Sheet size 1210mm x 125mm x 18mm Sold in packs of 10 pieces/pack for a minimum area of 1.5125m2.
Technical characteristics
Configuration 3 ply; toplayer approx. 5mm
Hardness 8,1 kg / mm2 (Brinell)
Shrink/swell 0,14% per 1% change in moisture content
Equilibrium MC 10% at 20 °C and 65% Rel. Air Humidity
8% at 20 °C and 50% Rel. Air Humidity
Density 850 kg/ m3
Fire class EN 13501-1: Cfl-s1

Eco-Core® Moso Bamboo Flooring is a 3 ply construction with a toplayer of approximately 5mm thick. This product cannot be lacquered or sanded. This floor type cannot be installed on floor heating.

Eco-Core® Moso Bamboo Forest flooring is a healthy choice as it is anti-static and anti-allergenic, thus facilitating a healthy indoor environment.

Internal flooring

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